If There Was A Modern League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


Lets just generously say that there are things that I think about a bit too much. There are things that no one actually wants my opinion on and my opinion will never matter. That does not actually stop me from having a precise and well thought out answer should the question ever arise. I am not really alone in this. There is an entire army of men ready and waiting to explain exactly what the in field fly rule is in baseball knowing that one day it will actually come up and be kind of a thing. So, in that regard, I often think about what the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen would look like today. Never mind the fact that I am not British and I don’t think Alan Moore has any of my contact information. I also tend to think long and hard on the question of “Hey, you random citizen, cast my superhero movie for me.” One just has to be prepared for these types of things.  So, I was thinking about all the different people that would currently have a ‘franchise’ passed over to them and how that group might make an intriguing league.

Oscar Barrett

Oscar Barrett

Assuming that Baby Oscar was born in 1988, he would be around 25 now. Oscar would also have been raised his entire life around nuclear powered laser jet packs, ghost containment, the occult, and the prusuit of science. In short, Baby Oscar from Ghostbusters 2 would be a modern day Abraham Van Helsing in training. Also, unlike the pudgy middle aged men that we know as Ghostbusters, Oscar would have the benefit of being raised by Dana Barrett who seemed to put a premium on exercise. You have to imagine out a bit but there are few people that you would want more in your league today than Oscar Barrett.

mutt williams

Mutt Williams

By now, Williams (or rather Henry Jones III) would be an octogenarian. Ironically, that would put him in the same role as Sean Connery (who played his grandfather) in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) movie. Williams would be the elder statesman of the group to be sure. However, as a lifelong adventurer as well as presumably archaeologist, Williams experience by this time would be a welcome addition to any group. This is also not to mention that there is a good chance even in his advanced age that Williams would still have a level of physcial prowess.

danny torrance

Danny Torrance

Interestingly enough, Stephen King himself is going back to the adulthood of the boy who possessed “the Shining” in a new novel called Doctor Sleep. Given the proper inspiration, these days Torrance is a modern day Martian Manhunter as well as a potential Dr. Jeckyll / Mr. Hyde. In any mystery, having a man with mental abilities would be invaluable to help. This would be especially true if there were mental abilities which had not yet been discovered. Having a proper adventure may also prove to be curative for Doctor Sleep. Of course, it might also well be the trigger for violent madness.

charles fairmont

Charlie Fairmont

If you are 7 years old and the terrorist orginzation COBRA drops a plane on your house, it might affect you. This would be especially true if your Dad was capable of putting together a campaign which ultimately led to him putting a gun directly in the face of a Cobra Commander would give you an interesting perspective on life. In short, Charlie Fairmont would probably have been raised nearly completely in what is referred to as the militia / survivalist movement. In addition, with his father’s beliefs as well as background as a Doctor, we are looking at an unexplored little gem who just might have grown up to be like Batman. Certainly, in a modern era of Joes, Fairmont might be the most natural of all of them.

jack mclane

Jack McClane

McClane seems to have inherited a craziness as well as an invincibility from his father. This is truly remarkeable especially in a broken home that doesn’t ‘hug.’ McClane is another example of being born into relative badassery all your life. As such, McClane generally has more potential than even his father had who came by it relatively late in life (all things considered.) McClane brings a resourcefullness as well as a certain unconventionality to his role, all things considered. McClane also has the advantage of you in addition to being ahead of the supposed curve.

nikki bell

Nikki Bell

After a lifetime of being hellbent on vengeance upon watching the Bride kill her mother, Nikki has been the subject of rampant speculation for years. Certainly, Bell would have found sympathic elements willing to help her along a quest of vengeance and ninja level skill. Whether or not that ultimate goal had been acheived, such a living weapon would certainly be of interest to the government so that they might exploit for their own needs. By now, Nikki would be a teenager to her early twenties. She would be at the height of her physical skill if not the height of her experience. Nikki would be like a younger more dangerous Black Widow.

john connor

John Connor

Whats the only thing more dangerous than a person raised for an apocalypse? A person raised and prepared for an apocalypse that never came. You had to spend your life taking on Terminators with conventional weapons as well as treating every day as one in which you were at war. Connor was also raised with leadership capabilities believing he would one day be a savior to all mankind. That day has still yet to come, however this does not mean that Connor would not be an asset in any type of fight. Connor would be a master of a wide variety of weapons as well as military tactics as well as a better than average break in artist and thief.


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