Ten Things The Twilight Zone Tries To Teach You

I will absolutely readily admit to being a huge fan of The Twilight Zone. I have actually sat and watched every episode of the original Twilight Zone series with both my children. I consider it to be an absolutely essential part of development to be able to discuss this show intelligently. I have seen the Twilight Zone in every single one of its incarnations and have very in depth opinions about them. However, I will also be among the first to admit that there are some very weird takeaways to be gained by watching the Twilight Zone. These are even weirder in some cases than the shows themselves.

10. If you say the word “gag,” you are completely screwed.

This is actually especially true if your name in real life is Jack Klugman. There are several Twilight Zone episodes that have a character in the first ten minutes say some sort of variation of the phrase “Its a gag, right.” or “Its some sort of gag?” It doesn’t matter. If you say the word gag in The Twilight Zone, you are screwed for well nigh eternity. At the very least, you are absolutely the character who is now knee deep in what we call the Twilight Zone.

9. XY Chromosones Good, XX Chromosones Bad.

George Clayton Johnson. Rod Serling. Richard Matheson. Charles Beaumont. Jerry Sohl. Earl Hamner, Jr. Notice any kind of trent here? That’s right. No one born with ovaries was allowed anywhere near an authorship credit for The Twilight Zone. As such as well as being the 1960s, you can probably count the positive portrayals of women in the Twilight Zone on your fingers. Women in the Twlight Zone came in the form of shrill nags whom the apocalypse is a welcome relief from or the Devil herself or bloodsucking harpies. Even the woman who is afraid of death seems absolutely willing to let a police officer bleed out to prolong her own life. This is actually an internal discussion. The woman who simply wants to be herself? She is forcibly changed into every one else. The one that they can’s forcibly change on the pig planet? She is sent to live in exiles so that all of the ‘normies’ can be happy.

8. The Devil Is Real And Ready To Deal.

The Devil can take a lot of forms in the Twilight Zone.  The Devil can appear magically in your bedroom. The Devil can have an office next to yours. The Devil can apply for a job as your printing assistant. It does not matter the form. The realization is that there is a real Devil. They will deal with you. The whole experience will also end badly. Even when the Devil was caught in the classic Howling Man episode, the Devil still managed to escape by the art of the deal.

7. Justice – Thy Name Is An Inanimate Object

When the Twilight Zone really needs to impart Justice onto a character, The Twilight Zone will give life and sentience to an inanimate object. This may be a car that was turned into an accomplice in a hit and run. This may be a doll trying to protect a heart broken child. This may a slot machine with a severe attitude about greed. It may be a knick knack from Africa brought for vengeance. There is also a high possibly that you should stop putting pennies into a Devil Headed fortune telling machine. No Matter. Those tied most directly into The Twlight Zone to do its bidding are in fact seemingly inanimate objects.

6.  Aliens Are Out There And They Are Evil.

Aliens are only in the Twilight Zone to kill, eat, or generally screw with you. In Mr. Dingle the Strong as well as The Monsters are Due on Maple Drive, human beings are lab rats. The kindly old man that plays with kids turns out to be an extra terrestial child molester. In To Serve Man, the human race is welcomed to the food chain. There are actually arguments over which race will get to subjugate humans as well. Land on their planet? Welcome to being a permanent exhibit.. be it one dead or alive. In the Twilight Zone, the only thing worse than an alien is a woman.

5. Keep Your Feet On The Ground

Nothing good can come of air or space travel in the Twilight Zone. There are gremlins on the wings of planes. If you have a relatively smooth flight, you will pass through time. You had better follow a creepy premonition that equates a plane to being a morgue. Drive and you … might .. survive. There are no real guarantees on this. However, air as well as space is only asking to be taken to a portal of another dimension in which you might not readily ever escape.

4. If You Are Dead, You Might Be The Last To Know

There is also a better than average chance that you are a chick. Death as well as limbo are kind of transient states in the Twilight Zone. There is a decent chance that you have died and never realized it. This happened at least three times in the Twilight Zone. There was the young woman in a cross country trip hounded by the hitchhiker. There was the old woman in the flop house avoiding Death. There was the mobster who got shot and only thought he was in Heaven. There was also the old hunter who died with his dog in the river. Jack Klugman played a trumpet player who straddled the fence between life and death. Everything might well feel the same, but your circumstances may have been radically different. There is also the episode where Jack Klugman’s crew are in a perpetual loop of crashing because he will not let them just die. I think Twilight Zone was making some sort of comment on re-runs with that one.

3.  If You Are Gene Roddenberry, You Want Twilight Zone On An Actor’s Resume

William Shatner. Leonard Nimoy. George Takei, as well as several guest stars who found themselves at or near the starship Enterprise all took a walk in The Twilight Zone. Now, it is also true that you would see many of those same actors in The Outer Limits or Batman or any number of 1960s television shows. These actors had very real mortgages to pay. Hiwever, if you know both Twilight Zone as well as the original series of Star Trek, there is a lot of fun in pointing out the overlap there.

2. Ghosts Can Help You Learn To Live Life

If a ghost is terrorizing you in the Twilight Zone, then there is unfinished business left over from World War 2. It really is almost that simple. However, in show such as The Changing of The Guard as well as A Game of Pool, ghosts are called down from the Heavenly host to teach people how they should live better lives. Ghosts are often comforting spirits in the Twilight Zone. They really do want to impart the wisdom of their lives on those who still have a chance to enjoy it.

1. There Was A Lot Of Loose Ends Left By World War 2

One thing that The Twilight Zone make abundantly clear is that there was alot left unsettled when World War 2 ‘ended’ in 1945. There were angry sprits. There were old attitudes and grudges that died hard. There were moments that needed to be corrected. There was some things that sadly could not be corrected. In many ways, it was almost as if that War had either created the Twilight Zone (even though it was present in the Civil War so it might be war in general) or just greatly enhanced The Twilight Zone. But for the classic series, the two were inseperable. Of course, in the short lived 2002 series, there is also an episode that deals with the birth of Hitler as well.


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