The Snarkiest Line In The History Of Cinema

“I have something here for you. Your father wanted you to have this when you were old enough, but your uncle wouldn’t allow it.”

In that line, Obi Wan Kenobi told a sarcastic joke that he had been waiting nearly two decades to tell. It would take the audience another nearly three decades to fully get. First of all, Anakin Skywalker ( Darth Vader ) did not even know that he had a son at the time that Obi Wan picked up the light saber. The last interaction Anakin had with his pregnant wife was trying to choke her to death. Even Anakin had the possibility to see that this may have affected any kids.

In their last meeting and you review the entire end on Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith, Anakin never mentions “Give this to my son…” when Obi Wan picks up the light saber. As a matter of pure fact, the last think Anakin screamed at Obi Wan was actually “I hate you!!!”

Of course, this is the Force we are dealing with. So, there is a chance that as lava was flowing over a body that already lost two arms and two legs and was burning to a fiery crisp anything else that might be .. outwardly attached. There is that subtle little chance that Anakin did indeed ask Obi Wan to give his light saber to his son.

As they say, he asked with his eyes… he asked with his eyes…


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